Science Team Meetings

The Libera Science Team consists of 25 individuals from 13 different organizations. Those individuals get together twice every year to hold Semi-Annual Libera Science Team Meetings that take place over the course of multiple days.

2020 Science Team Meeting Presentations

November 9

Peter Pilewskie Welcome and introduction
David Considine NASA HQ welcome
Brian Boyle Libera mission status
Maria Hakuba Libera science & data products overview
Richard Allen Reconstructions of Earth’s energy flows over recent decades
Dave Harber Libera Instrument Design Overview
Chris Yung VACNT Detectors for Absolute Radiometry
Xiquan Dong Providing the global SW surface radiation budget and performing scientific studies
Xianglei Huang Direct influence of solar spectral irradiance on the high-latitude surface climate
Odele Coddington Imaging broadband radiation at high spatial resolution: The BABAR-ERI instrument development concept and status
Jacqueline Russell TRUTHS and FORUM: high accuracy spectrally resolved visible and far infrared radiation measurements in the Libera timeframe

November 16