Science Team

The Libera Science Team is multidisciplinary, with expertise in radiometry, metrology, radiative transfer, radiative energy balance, atmosphere and surface remote sensing, and climate and atmospheric modeling. Libera science participation comes from NASA JPL, NIST, Ball, and four universities. The table below lists the Libera Science Team members and roles.

Name Role
Peter Pilewskie, CU LASP Principal Investigator
Maria Hakuba Deputy PI
Graeme Stephens Project Scientist
Odele Coddington Surface Radiation Budget
Bill Collins Climate Modeling
Sandie Collins Instrument LW Calibration
Xiquan Dong Surface & TOA Fluxes
Daniel Feldman Climate OSSEs
Jake Gristey ADMs
Dave Harber Instrument Scientist
Xianglei Huang Longwave Radiation Budget
Thomas Kampe Camera Science
Bruce Kindel Clouds & Aerosols
John Lehman Detector Metrology
Jim Leitch JPSS Interface
Steve Massie Clouds & Aerosols
Sebastian Schmidt Camera Science Lead
Tom Vonderhaar ERB Continuity
Zhien Wang Aerosols
Chris Yung Detector Metrology
Richard Allan Radiative Energy Balance (Collaborator)
Doris Folini GCM/Earth System Models (Collaborator)
Jacqueline Russell TOA Radiation Budget (Collaborator)
Martin Wild Global Energy Budget (Collaborator)
Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo Climate Modeling (Collaborator)

Dr. Maria Hakuba serves as Deputy PI. She works with the PI (P. Pilewskie) and Project Scientist (G. Stephens) on science definition and requirements and coordinating Phase E science activities specific to the three primary science objectives. Project Scientist Dr. Graeme Stephens, NASA JPL, oversees science analysis of Libera data. The Co-Investigators’ roles are directly linked to the various science mission activities.