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Why slack?

  • For conversations with the MMS team. Easier & more organized than WebEx chat, which do not disappear at the end of each WebEx session.

If you *DO* already have an account on our Slack workspace

If you *DO NOT* yet have an account

Using our Slack workspace

  • Again: why use Slack?
    • Have a question for the speaker that requires a lengthy answer? Comment for the speaker that will spark a discussion?
      • Use Slack to keep the conversation going after a talk ends
    • Have you ever thought: “it’s difficult to keep up with the several conversations happening in this WebEx chat!” or “I wish I could remember what that person said in the chat of my last WebEx meeting”
      • Use Slack to organize multiple conversations, which do not need to end with each WebEx session
    • Slack conversations are organized by channels on left-hand side of your workspace
      • General (points of interest for everyone or just say “hi”)
      • Splinters and plenary sessions
      • Direct messaging for private chats



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