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(3 Oct)

(4 Oct)

(5 Oct)

(6 Oct)

Morning Session

Plenary #1

Mission Updates

Plenary #3

Magnetotail Physics

Plenary #5

Collisionless Shocks

(10a-12p Eastern; 8a-10a Mountain; 7-9a Pacific;
4-6p Paris; 11p-1a Tokyo)

Afternoon Session

Instrument Meetings and SWG

(set up by individual teams)

Plenary #2

Magnetic Reconnection 

Plenary #4

Dayside Processes

Plenary #6

Turbulence and Waves

(1-3p Eastern; 11a-1p Mountain;10a-12p Pacific; 7-9p Paris; 2-4a Tokyo)

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Plenary Session #1

Tuesday, Oct 4 (Morning)

10:00 am - 12:00 pm Eastern
(7-9a Pacific; 8-10a Mountain; 4-6p Paris; 11p-1a Tokyo)

Mission Updates


Chairs/Organizers: Narges Ahmadi/Alex Chasapis

PresenterTalk TitleTime
Narges Ahmadi (LASP)Welcome & Meeting Logistics10 min
Jim Burch (SwRI)Project Updates10 min
Gina Lafferty (LASP)POC Updates20 min
Chris Riley (MOC)MOC Updates20 min
Trevor Williams (FDOA)FD updates20 min

Yoshifumi Saito (ISAS/JAXA)

Current status of Geotail5 min
Eric Grimes (UCLA)MMS in SPEDAS (IDL and Python)10 min

Plenary Session #2

Tuesday, Oct 4 (Afternoon)

1:00 pm - 3:15 pm Eastern
(10a-12:15p Pacific; 11a-1:15p Mountain; 7-9:15p Paris; 2-4:15a Tokyo)

Magnetic Reconnection


Chairs/Organizers: Bob Ergun/Yi Qi

PresenterTalk TitleTime
Dominic Payne (UMCP)Relating the Growth of the Reconnection Rate to the Temporal Evolution of X-line Structures (2D PIC).15 min
Jim Burch (SwRI)Electron Heating in the Magnetic Reconnection Inflow Region.15 min
Jeffersson Agudelo Rueda (DartmouthCollege)On the Effect of Driving Turbulence on Magnetic Reconnection: A Particle-In-Cell Simulation Study.15 min
Mohammed Baraka (LPP, France)

Study of a dayside magnetopause reconnection event detected by MMS and related to a large-scale solar wind perturbation and cold ions.

15 min
Milton Arencibia (West Virginia University)3D Anti-Parallel Reconnection Spreading in
Non-Uniform Current Sheets and Application to the Near-Earth Magnetotail
15 min
Hiroshi Hasegawa (ISAS, JAXA)Origin of positive and negative energy conversion rate j*E' in an electron-scale reconnecting current sheet at the magnetopause15 min

Harsha Gurram


Investigating kinetic signatures of magnetic reconnection at the dawn-side magnetopause during magnetic storm-time conditions15 min
Jonathan Ng (UMD/GSFC)Investigating the effect of the lower-hybrid drift instability on asymmetric reconnection – simulations and laboratory experiments15 min
Seung ho Choi (UMD/GSFC)Electron heating along the separatrix due to whistler waves in asymmetric magnetic reconnection15 min

Plenary Session #3

Wednesday, Oct 5 (Morning)

10:00 am - 12:00 pm Eastern
(7-9a Pacific; 8-10a Mountain; 4-6p Paris; 11p-1a Tokyo)

Magnetotail Physics


Chairs/Organizers: Rick Wilder/Narges Ahmadi

PresenterTalk TitleTime
Gabor Toth (UMic)Magnetotail simulations with MHD-AEPIC (MHD with adaptively embedded PIC)15 min
Justin Bowman (West Virginia University)Comparison of Sub-proton Scale Magnetic Holes in the Magnetosheath and Magnetotail15 min
Neha Pathak (LASP)Evidence of a Non-Orthogonal X-line in Guide-Field Magnetic Reconnection15 min
Cecilia Norgren (UIB)Cessation and restart of magnetic reconnection in the magnetotail15 min
Louis Richard (IRFU)Ion temperature anisotropy in magnetotail plasma jets15 min
Hiroshi Matsui (UNH)Dipolarization Events With Inductive E Feilds Observed by MMS and Van Allen Probes15 min
Daniel Graham (IRFU)

Plasma frequency waves in Earth’s magnetotail

15 min

Tien Vo


A statistical study of particle energization associated with field turbulence in the magnetotail plasma sheet15 min

Plenary Session #4

Wednesday, Oct 5 (Afternoon)

1:00 pm - 3:15 pm Eastern
(10a-12:15p Pacific; 11a-1:15p Mountain; 7-9:15p Paris; 2-4:15a Tokyo)

Dayside Processes


Chairs/Organizers: Yi Qi/Hadi Madanian

PresenterTalk TitleTime
Souhail Dahani (IRAP, France)The helicity sign of Flux Transfer Event flux ropes and its relationship to the guide field and Hall physics in magnetic reconnection at the magnetopause. 15 min
Brandon Burkholder (GSFC/UMBC)Global MHD simulations and MMS observations of the storm-time magnetopause boundary15 min
Frederick Wilder (UTA)Interplay between whistler waves and parallel electric fields in magnetosheath reconnection.15 min
Tsige Atilaw (CLaSP/ UMich)A statistical study of storm-time magnetic flux dynamics using cross-scale observations from the Heliophysics System Observatory (HSO)15 min
Rachel Rice (UMD/GSFC)An MMS/THEMIS Conjunction in the Storm Time Magnetosphere, Boundary Layer, and Sheath15 min
Nathan Miles (UCLA)Magnetic entanglement events in the MMS data between 2015-201615 min
Jason Shuster (UMD/GSFC)Temporal, spatial, and velocity-space variations of electron phase space density within electron-scale current layers at the magnetopause 15 min
Mark Hubbert (UCLA)Audification and Statistical Properties of Magnetosheath Lion Roars and Relevant Solar Wind Conditions15 min
Manuel Enrique Cuesta (UDelaware)A statistical study of magnetic curvature15 min

Plenary Session #5

Thursday, Oct 6 (Morning)

10:00 am - 12:15 pm Eastern
(7-9:15a Pacific; 8-10:15a Mountain; 4-6:15p Paris; 11p-1:15a Tokyo)

Collisionless Shocks


Chairs/Organizers: Hadi Madanian/Narges Ahmadi

PresenterTalk TitleTime
Martin Lindberg (KTH)MMS observation of two step electron acceleration at Earth’s bow shock15 min
Ahmad Lalti (IRFU)Short wavelength electrostatic wave measurement using MMS spacecraft15 min
Ivan Vasko (Berkeley)Ion-acoustic waves in the Earth's bow shock15 min
Jiepu Sun (presented by Ivan Vasko)Double layers and electron heating in the Earth's bow shock15 min
Naoki Bessho (UMCP/GSFC)Electron acceleration and heating by magnetic reconnection in the Earth's quasi-parallel bow shock15 min
Naritoshi Kitamura (Nagoya U.)Observational evidence of nonlinear growth of whistler-mode waves around quasi-perpendicular bow shocks15 min
Takanobu Amano (Tokyo U.)Roles of whistler-mode waves for the electron injection at collisionless oblique shocks15 min
Li-Jen Chen (GSFC)A reconnection EDR in the temperature ramp of a bow shock: implications on how reconnection modifies the bow shock structure15 min
Charles Farrugia (UNH)Bow shock and magnetopause dynamics during  passage of a complex ejecta on April 29-21, 2020: MMS and Cluster Observations15 min


Plenary Session #6

Thursday, Oct 6 (Afternoon)

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern
(10a-12:30p Pacific; 11a-1:30p Mountain; 7-9:30p Paris; 2-4:30a Tokyo)

Turbulence and Waves


Chairs/Organizers: Alex Chasapis/Narges Ahmadi

PresenterTalk TitleTime
Arya Afshari (UIowa)Observation of ion cyclotron resonance in magnetosheath turbulence15 min
Riddhi Bandyopadhyay (Princeton)Turbulent energy transfer and proton-electron heating in collisionless plasmas15 min
Yan Yang (UDelaware)Quantifying agyrotropy of proton-electron heating in collisionless plasmas15 min
Francesco Pecora (UDelaware)Relaxation of the turbulent magnetosheath15 min

Sohom Roy (UDelaware)

Statistics of Energy Dissipation rate at Reconnection Sites15 min
Harry Lewis
The Influence of Plasma Conditions on Electric Fields in Magnetosheath Turbulence15 min
Julia Stawarz
Magnetosheath Turbulence and Its Similarities and Differences to Turbulence in the Solar Wind15 min
Paul Cassak (West Virginia University)New Theoretical Developments on Energy Conversion via the Pressure-Strain Interaction15 min
Hasan Barbhuiya (West Virginia University)Physics of Pressure-Strain Interaction in Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection15 min
William H. Matthaeus (UDelaware)Collisional-like dissipation in collisionless plasma15 min

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