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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


These are the people on the Galileo UVS/EUV instrument team. Over the length of the mission, several additional Co-Is were added. The list below represents all that were part of the team at one time or another.

Principal Investigator:
Charles W. Hord, LASP


Deputy Principal Investigator:
A. Ian F. Stewart, LASP









Charles A. Barth, LASP
A. Lyle Broadfoot, U of Arizona
Joseph A. Ajello, JPL Team Chief
Arthur L. Lane, JPL
William R. McClintock, LASP
Bill R. Sandel, U of Arizona
Donald E. Shemansky, UCLA
Donald M. Hunten, U of Arizona
Gary E. Thomas, LASP
Robert A. West, JPL
Wayne R. Pryor, LASP
W. Kent Tobiska, JPL
Larry W. Esposito, LASP

Experiment Manager:
Karen E. Simmons, LASP


Assistant  Science Coordinators, JPL:
W. Kent Tobiska
John J. Aiello
Stuart K. Stevens
Keith L. Naviaux
Steve Edberg
Leslie Tamppari
Bruce Waggoner


Instrument Manager:
Gene McNutt, LASP


Neil R. White, LASP
Kurt Filsinger, LASP
Vic Argabright, LASP
Fred O’Neil – Independent


Graduate Students (LASP):
Amanda R. Hendrix
William B.Colwell
Martin H. Taylor


Undergraduate Students (LASP):
Jim Adams
Scott Lasica
Pat Schriver
Kirk Bennell
Jeff Culwell
Brian Pape
Wendy Sweet
Jeremy Gebben
Greg Rutz
Cate Fowler
Pamme Crandall
Jennifer Ray
Krista Schwanz
Debra Miller
Naomi Mosser