Kevin McGouldrick

Research Scientist


  • Phone: 303-492-2951
  • Fax: 303-735-3737
  • Office: SPSC-N238


The primary focus of my research is the nature and evolution of the clouds of Venus. The sulfuric acid clouds of Venus reside between about 50 and 70km above the surface of the planet, where temperatures and pressures resemble those at the surface of the Earth. These clouds are part of a highly coupled system involving numerous chemical reactions, absorption of both incident solar and emitted infrared radiation, and the global atmospheric circulation. My goal is to understand the role the clouds play in driving and/or responding to these various processes.


University of Colorado Boulder — Boulder, CO
Ph.D. Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

University of Colorado Boulder — Boulder, CO
M.S. Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

Pennsylvania State University — University Park, PA
B.S. Astronomy and Astrophysics

Pennsylvania State University — University Park, PA
B.S. Physics


Microphysics of clouds and aerosols on Venus and other planets.
Derivation of properties and behavior of clouds and aerosols via remote sensing from the near infrared through the ultraviolet.


Data Restoration and Archival of LASP Planetary Data Sets from the 1960's and 1990's
PI: Chris Pankratz
A Comprehensive Model of the Venus Cloud System
PI: Kevin McGouldrick


K. McGouldrick, T. W. Momary, K. H. Baines, and D. H. Grinspoon. Quantification of middle and lower cloud variability and mesoscale dynamics from Venus Express / VIRTIS observations at 1.74μm. Icarus, 217(2):615–628, 2012.
J. K. Barstow, C. C. C. Tsang, C. F. Wilson, P. G. J. Irwin, F. W. Taylor, K. McGouldrick, P. Drossart, G. Piccioni, and S. Tellmann. Models of the global cloud structure on Venus derived from Venus Express observations. Icarus, 217(2):542–560, 2012.
K. Molaverdikhani, K. McGouldrick, and L. W. Esposito. The abundance and vertical distribution of the unknown ultraviolet absorber in the Venusian atmosphere from analysis of Venus Monitoring Camera images. Icarus, 217(2):648–660, 2012.
K. McGouldrick, O. B. Toon, and D. H. Grinspoon. Sulfuric acid aerosols in the atmospheres of the terrestrial planets. Planet. Space Sci., 59(10):934–941, 2011.
C. C. C. Tsang, C. F. Wilson, J. K. Barstow, P. G. J. Irwin, F. W. Taylor, K. McGouldrick, G. Piccioni, P. Drossart, [...]

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American Astronomical Society (AAS)
Division of Planetary Sciences of the AAS
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