LASP celebrates National Take Your Child to Work Day


LASP celebrates National Take Your Child to Work Day

Josh and Joey Hepburn show us that work can be fun as they model their “bunny suits” during Take Your Child to Work Day events at LASP. These protective suits help prevent stray dust particles or fingerprints from disrupting or disabling scientific instruments as they are being built. (Courtesy LASP)

Children of LASP staff learned about space exploration during a series of activities held at the LASP Space Technology Building this morning.

The children built Mars rovers out of candy, created and decorated a spectrograph, and dressed in “bunny suits”—the outerwear that employees don to help ensure that instruments destined for space are built in a clean environment.

Outside the building, children looked at the Sun through a solar telescope and solar sunglasses and drew pictures of their observations, explored the power of liftoff with stomp rockets, and enjoyed the explosiveness of Alka-Seltzer rockets.

The activities concluded with a children’s tour of LASP’s lobby exhibits and facilities.

The LASP Office of Communications & Outreach (OCO) held the event as part of National Take Your Child to Work Day, a day designated to introduce children to their parents’ work. OCO supports LASP with local, regional, and national education and outreach programming for all age groups, with a special focus on underrepresented/underserved populations.

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