LASP EVENT – LASP AiR Science Talks: Lunar Dust

LASP EVENT – LASP AiR Science Talks: Lunar Dust

The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado Boulder is excited to share Empty Space: A LASP Artist in Residence Program Exhibition. Empty Space explores the forces that bind science, art, and our community together. Find yourself in the cosmos, transported by artwork created in conversation with scientists and engineers at LASP, and with the help of local school groups. Artists Alexandra Lockhart, Clark Riley, and Mario Miguel Echevarria spent the last six months immersed in the work and culture at LASP. They assisted in building hardware destined for space, sat in on novel research talks, participated in science group meetings, and inspired STEM professionals to think outside the box. Their work, presented here, reminds us how creativity fuels discovery and that awe is something we can all understand. The program is sponsored by LASP and the CU President’s Teaching Scholars Program through the Timmerhaus Fund, which supports faculty activities that promote public understanding of the value of CU degrees. Founded 75 years ago, a decade before NASA, LASP is on a mission to transform human understanding of the cosmos by pioneering new technologies and approaches to space science. LASP is the only academic research institute in the world to have sent instruments to every planet in our solar system.

In addition to the art exhibition, Empty Space will host live performances by our artists and a science Q&A session with LASP scientists. On date coming soon, explore the geology of the Moon, the lofting dust phenomena, and the extraordinary dust lab of LASP through this live dance performance and science talk with Dr. Xu Wang and Dr. Margaret Landis. 


Saturday May 4th from 2:30-3:30pm