Dancing Wind and Magnetospheric Movement’

LASP Magnetosphere Seminars

Dancing Wind and Magnetospheric Movement’

Alexandra Lockhart
(LASP artist in residence)
February 27, 2024 2:00 PM

Diverse solar wind interactions at various planetary bodies have highly piqued my interest as a dancer and choreographer during my time as an artist-in-residence at LASP. The complex interactions offer exceptionally interesting pathways and relationships to describe through physical movement. I’ll be sharing the prominent points of inspiration I’ve honed in on within magnetospheres and the solar wind, describe how I envision zones of interaction as transitional regions, and explain how I’ve physicalized this in the human body through movement. I’ll give a detailed explanation of how I’ve utilized Digital Fields Board data on Parker Solar Probe to choreograph movement of the solar wind as it spirals out towards various points of planetary interaction, and share how I’ve created movement tasks that represent processes at interaction regions as I’ve worked to understand them 3-dimensionally. 

I will be primarily focusing on the solar wind interaction at Earth, however I will also touch on how I’ve incorporated human body movement into understanding the solar wind interaction at Mars and the lunar surface. Many “thank you’s” to the LASP scientists that have taken time to generously share a wealth of knowledge with me pertaining to these subjects. 

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