Radiation Belt Dynamics Viewed Through Multi-Mission Observations

LASP Magnetosphere Seminars

Radiation Belt Dynamics Viewed Through Multi-Mission Observations

Frances Staples
(University of California, Los Angeles)
October 10, 2023 4:00 PM

Outer radiation belt electron flux is controlled by a variety of physical processes which act independently or in unison to drive acceleration and loss of electrons. By considering the kinematical state of radiation belt electrons, telltale signatures of acceleration and loss processes can be identified. This seminar will discuss how observations of electron phase space density (PSD) in adiabatic coordinate systems are used to decipher the dynamics of relativistic electron populations. Presented is a study which combined observations from 36 satellites, using a novel inter-calibration technique, to create a new multi-mission PSD dataset. With this multi-spacecraft dataset electron dynamics were resolved during electron flux dropouts, allowing us to identify simultaneous magnetopause shadowing and precipitation loss processes.

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This seminar will be hybrid with an in-person speaker. The in-person component will be held in SPSC W120, and coffee and cookies will be provided.

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