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Virtual MMS Science Working Team Meeting

October 6-8

Hosted by SwRI

Organizing committee

Jim Burch (SwRI)

Roy Torbert (UNH/SwRI)

Kristie Llera (SwRI)

Barbara Giles (NASA/GSFC)

Kevin Genestreti (SwRI) 

Contact Kevin with questions

Quick facts – meeting format / registration

  • Please sign up for a poster or splinter session flash talk no later than October 4 (sign-up instructions found in the right-most column of this page. No registration is required)
  • Largely following successful April meeting format. Meeting consists of a mixture of invited plenary reviews, posters, and splinters
    • Poster: in-depth presentation of your recent work (posters last 30-min)
    • Splinter: short teaser, meant to promote your work / spark future discussion (~3-min flash talks)
    • Plenary: invited reviews / overviews of MMS results (15-to-20 min talks)
  • Register by signing up for a talk (either poster or splinter). No abstract submission necessary. See "how to sign up" to the right ==>
  • Tune in to WebEx “channels” for meeting sessions. WebEx channels are found in the agenda, above each session.
  • Slack channels for chatting w/ team (see “how to use Slack” instructions)
  • Schedule is found on the team Galaxy site, here

Quick facts – meeting attendance

Quick WebEx facts

  • Please remember to stay muted unless you’re (purposefully) speaking
  • Please use call in (by telephone) feature if you have or anticipate having connection issues
  • You will not be able to share your screen if you use the “join by browser” option

How to sign up for a talk at the virtual SWT

(Options are poster or splinter)
  • To sign up for a poster:
    1. Log-in in upper-right-hand corner of the team Galaxy site
    2. Edit the agenda page
    3. Add your name and poster title to the time slot you want
    4. Hit update!
    5. Before your talk, please upload your poster using the drop box link

  • To sign up for a splinter session:
    1. Email the session chairs (names are listed left of splinter topic) and ask for a spot.

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