David Malaspina

Research Scientist


  • 303-492-9501
  • Office: SPSC-N290E


Scientific Interests:
Dr. Malaspina conducts experimental space physics research focused on plasma waves, spacecraft charging, cosmic dust, solar wind structures and dynamics, and related phenomena in the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres. He has analyzed data from missions such as Wind, STEREO, THEMIS, Van Allen Probes, MAVEN, Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS), and Parker Solar Probe. He has a key role in laboratory plasma experiments designed to probe the physics of hypervelocity dust impacts on spacecraft and spacecraft surface charging.

Instrumentation Work:
Dr. Malaspina's spacecraft instrumentation experience is centered on signal processing techniques and hardware, the measurement of electric and magnetic fields from spacecraft, and the measurement of dust grains through impact ionization. Dr. Malaspina has experience with design, fabrication, testing, calibration, and operation of the Digital Fields Board (DFB) signal processing board for the Electric Fields and Waves (EFW) instrument on the Van Allen Probes, the Digital Signal Processing Board (DSP) for the FIELDS instrument on the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission (MMS) and the DFB for the FIELDS instrument on Parker Solar Probe.