Occultation Wave Limb Sounder

The Occultation Wave Limb Sounder (OWLS), will fly on the third satellite of the International Satellite Program in Research and Education (INSPIRESat-3). OWLS will consist of two instruments to be built by LASP: the Extreme Ultraviolet Occultation Photometers (EUV-OP) and the Compact Spectrograph for Occultations on Limb (CSOL). These instruments will address the gaps in our understanding regarding the influence that gravity waves have on the thermosphere’s temperature. The results will be used to infer atmospheric properties such as temperature and density and how they vary with gravity wave energy and momentum flux.

Science Target:

Earth's Atmosphere

Science Focus:

Earth's Atmosphere, Thermosphere

Instrument Type:

Remote Sensing: Ultraviolet