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The Alex Dessler Library

These books are part of a collection in the Alex Dessler Library that is physically located at LASP, University of Colorado, Boulder. Alex Dessler has donated them so that they can be enjoyed by space physicists interested in the history of the subject. We will be scanning some of the pages to highlight their contents. Go here for Alex’ collection on airships & rocketry.

Geomagnetism by Sidney Chapman & Julius Bartels – 1940
Bartels Letter – 1963 plus comments from July 2019

 The Polar Aurora by Carl Stormer – 1955

   Physics of Fully Ionized Gases by Lyman Spitzer, Jr – 1962

Interplanetary Dynamical Processes by E.N. Parker – 1963
Parker-Interplanetary Dynamic Processes

Cosmic Electrodynamics by H. Alfven & C-G Falthammar – 1963
Alfven-Cosmic Electro-Dynamics

Satellite Environment Handbook – Edited by F. S. Johnson 1961
Satellite Envonment Handbook

Satellite Environment Handbook (in Russian) – 1966
Russian Satellite Environment Handbook

The Tale of the Big Computer by Olof Johannesson (pseudonym of Hannes Alfven) – 1966
Science fiction story about computers taking over the world.

Cosmic Plasma by H. Alfven – 1981
Alfven-Cosmic Plasma

Origins of Magnetospheric Physics by J.A. Van Allen – 1983
VanAllen-Magnetospheric Physics

Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere edited by Alex Dessler – 1983
Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere – errata and note from Mike Kaiser
Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere – signatures

Enough of Pessimism – Philip Abelson – 1985
Abelson – 100 essays

The Big Splash – discovery of “small comets” – by L.A. Frank – 1990

Reviews of Geophysics paper by Alex Dessler “The Small-Comet Hypothesis

Japanese translation

Northern Lights – biography of Kristan Birkeland by Lucy Jago – 2001
Northern Lights

Biography of Kristan Birkeland by A. Egeland & W.J. Burke – 2005
Kristian Birkeland

Conversations on electric and magnetic fields in the cosmos by E.N. Parker – 2007
Letter from Gene Parker to Alex Dessler – Parker-letter

Why I killed Pluto by Mike Brown – 2010
Why I killed Pluto – Mike Brown
Brown-Dessler email discussion

A Global Warming Primer – Jeff Bennett- 2016
notable pages

Alex Dessler curriculum vitae

Alex Dessler publication list (annotated)

Alex Dessler letters and editorials


Alex Dessler with Fran Bagenal when she visited his library in College Station, TX (Nov 2018)