Brian Hynek
Brian Hynek
Brian Hynek



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Research Scientist


Dr. Brian Hynek’s research focuses on the geologic, geochemical, hydrologic, and climatic evolutions of the planet Mars and how these inform us about the astrobiological potential of the Red Planet. A key component of his research is studying modern terrestrial analogs to understand geochemical and microbiological processes that might have operated on early Mars, including recent research field projects in Argentina, Hawaii, Tanzania, Patagonia, Alaska, Iceland, and throughout Central America. He also researches Martian drainage morphometry, Martian morphodynamical processes such as delta formation, Mars’ impact and volcanic history, and data from the Mars Rover landing sites. Brian teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Colorado covering topics such as the geology of the solar system, astrobiology, and Geographic Information Systems.

Additional Information

Washington University in St. Louis, Ph.D., 2003
Washington University in St. Louis, M.A., 2001
University of Northern Iowa, B.A., 1995