Ed Thiemann




Research Scientist


Dr. Thiemann specializes in extreme and far ultraviolet (EUV/FUV) observing instruments for solar irradiance and occultation measurements. His roles include being an instrument scientist on the NOAA GOES EXIS space weather instrument, the Deputy PI of the EUVM instrument onboard the NASA MAVEN orbiter at Mars, the Lead Instrument Scientist on the TIM instrument to fly on the NASA TSIS-2 satellite, and the PI of the NASA OWLS instrument to fly on the INSPIRESat-3 micro-satellite. He has leadership experience at all levels of spaceflight hardware development, from conceptualization to the operational phases. Generally speaking, Dr. Thiemann's research involves studying the Sun’s influence on planetary upper atmospheres, considering both solar and atmospheric variability. With regard to the Sun, Dr. Thiemann is interested in understanding solar irradiance and that of flares in particular. With regard to the upper atmosphere, he is a leading expert in EUV solar occultations, and has produced new datasets of thermospheric density at both Earth and Mars. One topic of particular technological importance is using thermospheric solar occultations for space weather monitoring and he is currently PI of a NASA grant to produce the first real-time operational measurements of the thermospheric state.

Additional Information

University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ph.D., 2016
University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Electrical Engineering, MEng, 2013
Georgia Institute of Technology, Department of Physics, M.S., 2008
University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Engineering Physics, summa cum laude honors, B.S., 2007