José Pagán Muñoz
José Pagán Muñoz
José Pagán Muñoz


Pagán Muñoz

he / him / his


Graduate Student
Research Scientist


José is a graduate student researcher in experimental dusty plasmas at the Institute for Modeling Plasma, Atmospheres and Cosmic Dust with projects to address fundamental plasma issues, problems related to space and planetary sciences as well as industrial problems relevant to semiconductor manufacturing. Working with ASML (Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography) in studying characteristics of dusty plasma during lithography and learning the skills for researching plasma in vacuum chambers (including diagnostics), computerized data acquisition, analysis, and data interpretation. José has an interest in Computation, HPC, Machine Learning with Data Driven Methods, and Science Policy. He likes to fuse his hobbies with his work to create Art such as Video Games, Photography, and the practice of Model Making.

Additional Information

University of North Florida, B.S., 2018