Laura Sandoval



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Data Systems Software Engineer


Dr. Sandoval has 6 years of experience as a software engineer on NASA research grants. She recently was project lead for the Phase-F portion of the SORCE satellite which involved archiving data and documentation for the entirety of the Mission. She has been involved in the telemetry and solar science diagnostics, analysis, and production of irradiance data for the SIM instruments on the SORCE and TSIS satelliites. Dr. Sandoval has also worked on the development of the ICED GEMS L1B processing algorithms including time management functions, encoder data filtering, radiance data calibration, and data flagging. Currently Dr Sandoval is leading the initiative to transfer all of Atlassian tools at LASP to a new Data Center and programming using AWS Cloud Development Kit for the Libera Mission pipeline processing.

Additional Information

The City College of New York, Ph.D., 2013
Florida International University, M.S., 2008
University of Oklahoma, B.S., 2005