Ryan Bolin



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Structural Analyst
Mechanical Engineer


Ryan Bolin is a structural analysis engineer in the LASP Mechanical Engineering Department and serves as the Structures Group Supervisor. Ryan has been at LASP since February 2016, and came to LASP after spending about 10 years conducting stress analysis and structural dynamic testing in the commercial/military aerospace industry. He has experience conducting finite element analysis (FEA) using both Ansys and Nastran and a wide variety of classical hand calculations on spaceflight opto-mechanical instruments, pointing systems, electronics packages, aircraft engine generators, and ram air turbines. His testing experience includes vibration testing (sine sweeps, sine dwells, sine burst, random, force-limited random, response-limited random), modal testing (impact), high speed rotational equipment self-induced vibration (airplane engine generators, ram air turbines).

Additional Information

University of Wisconsin - Madison, B.S., 2005
University of Southern California, M.S., 2009