Yuta Notsu
Yuta Notsu
Yuta Notsu



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Research Scientist


Yuta Notsu is studying stellar magnetic activities especially "superflares" on solar-type (G-type) stars and cooler K,M-type stars, using the various photometric and spectroscopic data from space and ground telescopes (e.g., Kepler, TESS, APO3.5m, SMARTS1.5m, NICER). Through these observational studies, I investigate how frequently superflares occur on G,K,M-type stars, how large superflare events occur in the stellar atmosphere (photosphere - choromosphere - corona), and how planets (e.g., Earth, Mars, exoplanets) are affected from these flares. Recently, he also newly joined MAVEN EUV team in LASP.

Additional Information

Kyoto University, Ph.D., 2019
Kyoto University, M.S., 2016
Kyoto University, B.S., 2014