Privacy Policy for CU-LASP Mobile Apps

Privacy Policy for CU-LASP Mobile Apps

The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics and University of Colorado Boulder (“CU-LASP”, “we”, or “us”) are deeply committed to protecting your privacy and creating a safe and secure environment for learners of all ages. This Privacy Policy applies to your use of the “Project SPECTRA!” and “Science at 100,000 Feet” mobile apps (“CU-LASP Mobile Apps”).

In connection with your use of the CU-LASP Mobile Apps, NO personally identifiable information is collected by us. The CU-LASP Mobile Apps are meant to provide educational simulations to a wide audience. As we strive to collect the minimum amount of information needed to advance our educational mission, we have determined that there is no need for the collection of personal data within these apps.

Some non-personally identifiable information is collected in order to ensure that the apps are running correctly and to track how many people are using the app. Specifically, when you download a lesson in the Project SPECTRA! mobile app, our servers record the name of the lesson, the time and date it was downloaded, type of device running the app, and IP address. These statistics allow us to determine whether it is in our best interests to continue development of the CU-LASP Mobile Apps.

We also have access to some standard aggregated data (e.g. sales, sessions, crashes) related to the CU-LASP Mobile Apps that is provided to app developers through Google’s Play Console. However, we have NO access to any personally identifiable information through this service.

We may share aggregated usage statistics with research partners. Otherwise, no data that we collect will be shared with third parties, except where required by law.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, you may submit a written inquiry to