Magnetosphere Seminars

April 17, 2012 – “The Non-Linear Response of the Polar Cap Potential – New Questions”

Speaker:Rick Wilder (LASP)
Date:Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012
Time:4:00 PM
Location:LASP Space Science Building, room N248 upstairs. Map

Seminar Abstract:

It is well known that the cross-polar cap potential (CPCP) exhibits a non-linear response to the interplanetary electric field. This response is commonly referred to as CPCP “saturation”. Using plasma convection data from the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) and the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), as well as statistical ionospheric conductance models, we present new analysis of the non-linear response of the CPCP. We compare the CPCP and polar cap convection electric field to various IEF coupling functions and interplanetary parameters, and discuss the implications for models of the “saturation” phenomenon.