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Sebastian Schmidt

Research Scientist II (Atmospheric Physics)


  • Phone: 303-492-6423
  • Fax: 303-735-3737
  • Alternate email:
  • Office: SPSC-W175


Universität Leipzig — Leipzig, Germany
Ph.D. Meteorology (2005)

Universität Leipzig — Leipzig, Germany
M.S. (Diploma) Physics (1999)


Publications by year:


Coddington, O., Pilewskie, P., Schmidt, K. S., McBride, P. J., and Vukicevic, T., 2013: Characterizing a new surface-based shortwave cloud transmittance retrieval for soil and vegetated surface types, under review for Atmosphere.

Wendisch, M., P. Pilewskie, B. Bohn, A. Bucholtz, S. Crewell, C. Harlow, E. Jäkel, K. S. Schmidt, R. Shetter, J. Taylor, D. Turner, Martin Zöger, 2013: Atmospheric Radiation measurements, in Airborne Measurements for Environmental Research – Methods and Instruments –, Wendisch and Brenguier, eds., in press.


LeBlanc, S. E., K. S. Schmidt, P. Pilewskie, J. Redemann, C. A. Hostetler, R. Ferrare, J. Hair, J. M. Langridge, and D. A. Lack, 2012: Spectral aerosol direct radiative forcing from airborne radiative measurements during CalNex and ARCTAS, J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2012JD018106, in press.

McBride, P. J., K. S. Schmidt, P. Pilewskie, A. Walther, A. K. Heidinger, D. E. Wolfe, C. W. Fairall, and S. Lance, [...]

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