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Sounding rocket

GoPros on a sounding rocket to calibrate the Sun

Event Date: Wednesday, Oct 06, 2021

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LASP researchers led by undergraduate discover river of dust around the sun from Parker Solar Probe

September 9

A research team from the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics and led by former undergraduate student Anna Pusack discovered a dusty mystery in a newly explored region around Earth’s Sun.

NASA’s MAVEN mission begins a new chapter with a new leader

September 9

Dr. Shannon Curry, a planetary scientist and the Deputy Assistant Director of Planetary Science at the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at the University of California, Berkeley, has assumed leadership of NASA’s MAVEN mission.

LASP rocket flight to sharpen NASA’s study of the Sun

September 7

The SDO/EVE rocket launch window opens at 11:25am MDT on Sept. 9th, 2021 at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The measurements will provide necessary instrument calibrations for NASA’s study of the Sun.