Public Lectures

Out of this World! Operating the Kepler Mission with University Students

Published on September 21, 2017

Speaker:Bill Possel
Date:Wednesday, Oct 04, 2017
Time:7:30 PM
Location:LSTB-299 (1234 Innovation Drive)

Seminar Abstract:

The Kepler spacecraft, launched in 2009, has been one of NASA’s most scientifically successful missions. From the first command to the spacecraft, students at LASP have been participating in Kepler’s mission operations. Kepler has amazed the world with the discovery of numerous planets circling distant stars in our galaxy. Yet Kepler has been one of the most challenging spacecraft to operate due to several on-orbit failures. Despite these failures, Kepler continues to collect valuable astronomical data and provide a training ground for future space professionals.

Bill Possel, the director of LASP’s Mission Operations and Data Systems, will describe this unique student program and give updates on the latest results from Kepler.

Watch the public lecture: