Public Lectures

Kepler: Progress in the Detection of Earth-size Planets in the Habitable Zone of Solar-like Stars

Published on January 14, 2010

Speaker:Dr. Bill Borucki
Date:Thursday, Jan 14, 2010
Time:7:30 PM, Doors open at 7:00 PM
Location:LSTB, Auditorium

Seminar Abstract:

Dr. Bill Borucki, principal investigator of the Kepler mission, will describe how the Kepler telescope is returning data on possible life in our galaxy by determining the number of terrestrial planets in a habitable zone.

Launched on March 6, 2009, and operated by LASP, Kepler is now monitoring the brightness of 150,000 solar-like stars to determine the planet radius, orbital distance and location. This lecture will also give you insight into several new planets discovered with the data obtained during the first 43 days of Kepler’s mission.