Public Lectures

Dust in Space – What Can We Learn from It?

Published on May 5, 2010

Speaker:Dr. Zoltan Sternovsky, LASP
Date:Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Time:7:30 PM, Doors open at 7:00 PM
Location:LSTB, Auditorium

Seminar Abstract:

“All of us are, truly and literally, a little bit of stardust” (William Fowler)

Space is not entirely empty- dust is abundant between stars, called the interstellar medium, and in the Solar System between the planets. Interstellar dust particles are the building blocks of new stars and planetary systems. Generated by supernovae explosions and dispersed throughout the Universe, dust becomes part of molecular clouds, the birthplace of newly forming stars. Recent space missions carried dust-measuring instrumentation to study the properties of the interplanetary dust and and discovered the presence of interstellar dust particles in the inn er solar system. Dr. Sternovsky will discuss the nature of dust, where it comes from, and how it tells us where we once came from long ago.

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