Science Seminars

4/22/2010 – Using helioseismology to improve space weather predictions

Speaker: Alysha Reinard (NOAA/SWPC)
Date: Thursday, Apr 22, 2010
Time: 4:00pm
Location: LSTB 299

Seminar Abstract:

Solar flares and CMEs cause dramatic effects at the Earth, including damage to satellite electronics, loss of airline communications, and degradation, or even complete loss, of GPS. These effects become more disruptive as we become increasingly reliant on highly sophisticated technology. However, it is very difficult to predict when and where these events will occur or how large they will be. Helioseismology has recently emerged as a potentially powerful tool for understanding and predicting space weather events. In the last few years, a series of studies using ring diagram helioseismology has found evidence that signatures of subsurface twisting and emerging flux can be related to flaring activity. In particular, we have recently completed a study finding that these signatures are present 2-3 days prior to the occurrence of a flare. I will present these findings including the impacts on space weather forecasting capabilities.