Science Seminars

1/14/2010 – Solar Incoming and Outgoing Radiometry for Climate Studies

Speaker: Greg Kopp (LASP)
Date: Thursday, Jan 14, 2010
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: LSTB-299

Seminar Abstract:

While greenhouse gases are critical in climate studies, the main driver of Earth’s climate – by nearly a factor of 10,000 – is the incident total solar irradiance, which LASP is and will be measuring with the Total Irradiance Monitor instruments on the SORCE, Glory, and NPOESS missions. Water vapor and other greenhouse gases, aerosols, land use, and several additional natural and anthropogenic influences affect the absorption of this incoming energy and can be inferred from Earth outgoing radiance measurements that LASP is working toward acquiring on NASA’s future CLARREO mission.

I’ll discuss how LASP measurements are contributing toward improving the total solar irradiance data record and its relevance in estimating climate sensitivities, and describe a concept for a hyperspectral instrument having improved radiometric accuracy to benchmark the Earth’s outgoing shortwave radiation for future climate studies.