Science Seminars

Akatsuki’s IR2 nightside data Restoration-by-Deconvolution (RD) and Scientific Outcomes

Speaker: Choon Wei (Anthony) Vun (Sokendai University and ISAS/JAXA)
Date: Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: SPSC N100

Seminar Abstract:

The nightside infrared observations (1.735µm, 2.26µm, 2.32µm) obtained by Akatsuki’s IR2 camera experiences contaminations and optical properties that lower the data quality. In order to restore the data quality for accurate data analysis, we developed Restoration-by-Deconvolution (RD) method. Our process aims to recover true photometry and contrasts at highest possible accuracy. Hence, careful procedures were taken to: model the camera’s point spread function (PSF), replace the saturated pixels in the original image using Radiative Transfer calculations, and finally to perform Lucy-Richardson’s Deconvolution by PSF. Our RD method achieved accuracy estimated at lower than ~10% error range. The scientific outcome of this is the ability to derive distribution of particle size parameter map that requires photometric accuracy (Carlson et al. 1993; Wilson et al. 2008). Moreover, morphological features in these filters can be studied at true contrast level (Peralta et al. 2019). To conclude, the release of RD-restored data opens up new opportunities to study Venus in infrared views at greater accuracies that has never been explored before.