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The 30th Anniversary of the Solar Mesosphere Explorer

Published on September 13, 2011

The 30th Anniversary of the Solar Mesosphere Explorer
Date: Thursday, Oct 06, 2011
Time:8:30 AM October 6—4:30 PM October 7
Location:University of Colorado Boulder

Seminar Abstract:

Announcing a Special Symposium Recognizing the 30th Anniversary of the Solar Mesosphere Explorer

Launch of the Solar Mesosphere Explorer

The purpose of the Solar Mesosphere Explorer mission was to investigate the processes that create and destroy ozone in Earth’s upper atmosphere. Launched on a Delta rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, the satellite sent data to Earth until April 4, 1989. The spacecraft reentered Earth’s atmosphere on March 5, 1991. (Courtesy NASA)

SME was launched thirty years ago and made major contributions to our understanding of atmospheric science, with special emphasis on ozone processes. This two-day symposium will revisit the accomplishments and legacy of SME.

Download complete event agenda (63 KB PDF)

Thursday­—8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Science discussions and topics will include: Solar Radiation, Ozone, Polar Mesospheric Clouds, Aerosols, Nitric Oxide, and other atmospheric processes. Invited speakers include: Dave Rusch, Susan Solomon, Ray Roble, Dave Siskind, Rolando Garcia, Kent Tobiska, Rick Eckman, Joe Zawodny, Gary Thomas, and Gary Rottman. Comments and insight from all participants are encouraged.

Friday—8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

We will recall technical and programmatic achievements incorporated in the instruments, spacecraft, operations and management. Invited talks will be given by Jim Stuart, George Mount, George Lawrence, Mike McGrath, Jim Westfall, Tom Sparn, and Randy Davis. There will be additional contributions from LASP and Ball engineers and special recollections from alumni Flight Controllers and Command Controllers.

This event will be held on the University of Colorado campus at the University Memorial Center and at LASP. Parking vouchers will be provided for the adjacent Euclid Parking structure. The event is free, with the exception of the Thursday dinner (More details will be provided soon).

Space will be limited, so please let us know if you wil be joining us by registering (which is free). You can view the invitation and contact the hosts here: http://smesymposium.eventbrite.com.

If you have any questions, need additional information or have any special needs, please contact Kathleen Cirbo at: kathleen.cirbo@lasp.colorado.edu or call (303) 735-3800.

Out of town guests, please contact Kathleen Cirbo if you will need lodging. We have some good lodging options available at reasonable rates.

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