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The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth’s Climate

Published on July 2, 2011

The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth’s Climate
Date: Thursday, Sep 08, 2011
Time:8:50 AM Sept. 8 — 5:30 PM Sept. 9
Location:NCAR Mesa Lab—1850 Table Mesa Drive

Seminar Abstract:

The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth’s Climate: A Workshop

This public workshop will bring together experts in solar physics and variability and experts in climate studies to examine the state of knowledge regarding climate response to solar variability and will explore some of the outstanding scientific issues that might guide future research thrusts at the intersection of these fields.

Committee members include LASP director, Dan Baker, and solar scientist, Peter Pilewskie. LASP researcher, Greg Kopp, will present “An Overview and Advances for Radiometry for Solar Observations,” while Baker will cover “Assessing Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Influences as a Component of Earth’s Climate Change Picture.”

This project is sponsored by NASA and the National Science Foundation and a final report, based on the committees findings, will be issued at the end of the project on December 31, 2011.

For a workshop agenda, visit: Workshop Agenda