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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Science Team

MAVEN team at Goddard Space Flight Center for Critical Design Review

The MAVEN team at the Critical Design Review in July 2011. Several hundred additional scientists, engineers, and support personnel are contributing to the success of MAVEN, but were not present at the review. (Courtesy MAVEN)

The MAVEN mission is part of NASA’s Mars Scout Program, funded by NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Project Leadership

Project leadership for the MAVEN mission is provided by members of the University of Colorado Boulder/Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), the University of California, Berkeley/Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL), and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

  • Bruce Jakosky, Principal Investigator (LASP)
  • David Brain, Deputy Principal Investigator (LASP)
  • Richard Burns, Project Manager (GSFC)
  • Don Carson, Deputy Project Manager (GSFC)
  • Gina DiBraccio, Project Scientist (GSFC)

Instrument and Science Team

The Particles and Fields Package (P&F), built by SSL with support from LASP and GSFC, contains six instruments that characterize the solar wind and the ionosphere of Mars. The Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP), in Toulouse, France, provided a sensor for the SWEA instrument.

  • Dave Curtis, Particles and Fields Package Manager (SSL)

Solar Wind Electron Analyzer (SWEA)

  • David L. Mitchell, Instrument Lead (SSL)
  • Christian Mazelle (IRAP)
  • Jean-Andre Savaud (IRAP)
  • Dominique Toublanc (IRAP)

Solar Wind Ion Analyzer (SWIA)

  • Jasper Halekas, Instrument Lead (University of Iowa)

Suprathermal and Thermal Ion Composition (STATIC)

  • Jim McFadden, Instrument Lead (SSL)
  • Bill Peterson (LASP)

Solar Energetic Particle (SEP)

  • Davin Larson, Instrument Lead (SSL)
  • Rob Lillis (SSL)

Langmuir Probe and Waves (LPW)

  • Bob Ergun, Instrument Lead (LASP)
  • Greg Delory (SSL)
  • Laila Andersson (LASP)
  • Frank Eparvier (LASP)
  • Tom Woods (LASP)
  • Phil Chamberlin (GSFC)
  • Anders Eriksson (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)

Magnetometer (MAG)

  • Jared Espley, Instrument Lead (GSFC)
  • Jack Connerney (GSFC)

The Remote Sensing Package, built by LASP, determines the global characteristics of Mars’ upper atmosphere and ionosphere.

  • Mark Lankton, Pre-launch Remote Sensing Package Manager (LASP)
  • Rory Barrett, Post-launch Remote Sensing Package Manager (LASP)
  • Bill McClintock, Remote Sensing Package Co-Investigator (LASP)

Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS)

  • Nick Schneider, Instrument Lead (LASP)
  • Ian Stewart (LASP)
  • Greg Holsclaw (LASP)
  • John Clarke (Boston University)
  • Franck Montmessin (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)

The Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer (NGIMS), provided by GFSC, measures the composition and isotopes of neutral ions.

  • Paul Mahaffy, Instrument Lead (GSFC)
  • Todd King, NGIMS Manager (GSFC)
  • Wayne Kasprzak (GSFC)
  • Mehdi Benna (GSFC)

Atmospheric Advisory Group

  • Richard Zurek, Lead (JPL)
  • Bob Tolson (National Institute of Aerospace)
  • Darren Baird (Johnson Space Center)

Interdisciplinary Scientists

  • Tom Cravens (University of Kansas)
  • Xiaohua Fang (LASP)
  • Jane Fox (Wright State University)
  • Francois Leblanc (LATMOS)
  • Roger Yelle (University of Arizona)
  • Andy Nagy (University of Michigan)

Participating ScientistsAbstracts of selected proposals (248 KB PDF)

  • Michael Combi (University Of Michigan)
  • Frank Crary (University Of Colorado Boulder)
  • Scott England (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Yingjuan Ma (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Michael Mendillo (Boston University)
  • Pascal Rosenblatt (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
  • Kanako Seki (Nagoya University)
  • Michael Stevens (Naval Research Lab)
  • Paul Withers (Boston University)