Space Weather Compendium

Space Weather Compendium

Current Update

The Space Weather Compendium was funded under a NASA grant in 2007; while no updates are scheduled at this time, the activities, resources, and materials contained on the page remain accurate.


As part of our education program in space weather, we have developed a compendium of lessons and activities from a wide variety of sources, compiling the best of the best. To aid teachers and their limited time, we’ve taken these lessons and organized them according to age groups. We’ve added a front page for each lesson that includes:

  • Lesson summary
  • Required student prior knowledge and skills
  • Math and science standards (standards directly met are starred; standards that require teacher modification are not)
  • Preparation time and in-class time
  • A list of materials

In addition, we’ve included:

  • Online resources
  • Background material
  • Additional lessons
  • A glossary
  • Tables of AAAS Benchmarks, NSES Science Standards, and NCTM mathematics standards


Grades K – 5

Grades 6 – 8

Grades 9 – 12

Fun and Educational Links

Classroom Resources

Polar Vortex interactive

  • Polar Vortex Interactive: Learn how energetic particles interact with Earth’s magnetic field and contribute to a small amount of ozone destruction.
    • The Sunspot Newsletter—a publication for middle and high school students
      • Photo Gallery—Images of the sun, solar system bodies, and the sun-Earth connection.

Background materials