Extreme ultraviolet and X-ray Irradiance Sensors

The Extreme ultraviolet and X-ray Irradiance Sensors (EXIS) instrument is one of several instruments on GOES-R+ series, a weather-observing and environmental-monitoring satellite system. EXIS detects solar soft X-ray irradiance (with the X-Ray Sensor, or XRS) and solar extreme ultraviolet spectral irradiance (with the Extreme Ultraviolet Sensor, or EUVS). XRS helps predict proton events and monitors solar flares that can disrupt communications and degrade navigational accuracy. EUVS monitors solar variations that directly affect satellite drag/tracking and ionospheric changes, which impact communication and navigation operations. EXIS is providing one of the most important observations for early warning of space weather events.

Science Target:


Science Focus:

Climate, Earth's Atmosphere, Solar Irradiance, Solar Physics

Instrument Type:

Remote Sensing: Ultraviolet, Remote Sensing: X-ray

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