MAVEN team members bring mission science to rural West Virginia students


MAVEN team members bring mission science to rural West Virginia students

Dr. Bruce Jakosky talks with students at Crum Middle School about the MAVEN mission
MAVEN Principal Investigator Bruce Jakosky discusses the mission with Crum Middle School students during a visit in September 2011. (Courtesy Susan Sparacino)

In September, MAVEN Principal Investigator, Bruce Jakosky, and MAVEN Deputy Project Manager for Resources, Susan Sparacino, visited Crum Middle School and Tolsia High School in West Virginia. The visit represents one avenue through which the MAVEN team is bringing the science of the mission directly to a variety of public audiences.

Jakosky and Sparacino brought the science of MAVEN and the excitement of Mars exploration to rural middle and high school students. Over the course of two days, Jakosky and Sparacino visited a total of 12 science classrooms, reaching approximately 225 students.

At Crum Middle School, MAVEN team members worked primarily with science teacher Tara Crabtree and librarian Jamie Meddings, who are excited about the science of the MAVEN mission. Crum administrators have committed to using MAVEN as a theme for mandatory science fair projects this year; Meddings will serve as a resource to help connect students with available information and related content.

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