SEE Flare Catalog Released

September 26, 2007
SEE Flare Catalog image
(click for Entire SEE Flare Catalog)

SEE Flare Catalog Released. (Release information in PDF) The first version of the TIMED SEE flare catalog has been released and can be found at This catalog lists the solar flares that TIMED SEE has observed so far over its 6 years on orbit. Due to SEE’s three percent duty cycle (only three minutes of observations every 96-minute orbit), it was originally expected that SEE would only observe about 1-2 GOES X-Class flares per year. SEE actually has measured the irradiance change for almost 100 flares to date, including observations during both the impulsive and gradual phases of the flares. SEE provides unique flare measurements over the entire vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) range from 0.1-193 nm at once, giving a complete spectral picture of the simultaneous increases of emissions formed throughout the solar atmosphere. These emissions range from the hot coronal X-ray ultraviolet (XUV, 0.1-10 nm), to the extreme ultraviolet (EUV, 10-120 nm) emissions that come from the cool corona and transition region, to the far ultraviolet (FUV, 121-193 nm) which are formed mainly in the chromosphere and upper photosphere. More… (~300k PDF)

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