Observational Averages

Observational Averages

Observation averaged SEE data products contain each observation averaged solar irradiance data with corrections applied for degradation, 1-AU, and atmospheric absorption.

SEE EGS Level 2A : 0.1 nm intervals, over 27.05 to 194.50 nm

SEE XPS Level 2A : ~7 nm bands for each of the 9 diodes, over 0.1 to 34.0 + Lyman-alpha

SEE Level 3A : 1 nm intervals, over 0.5 to 194.5 nm

SEE XPS Level 4 Model: Model spectrum from 0-40 nm in 0.1 nm bins with 0.05 nm centers. Model uses XPS measurements, GOES XRS measurements, and the CHIANTI spectral database.

Space Weather (ASCII) : The SEE Space Weather data products contain 8 solar indices useful for space weather research and operations. These are ASCII (text) files that provide a convenient method to access select SEE data and are organized into a file for each year.

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