TIMED SEE XUV Photodiode Coatings

TIMED SEE XUV Photodiode Coatings

The soft x-ray (XUV) coatings for the TIMED SEE photodiodes are shown below as plots of the expected sensitivity for each type. The diodes are International Radiation Detectors, Inc. (IRD) AXUV-100 Si photodiodes with thin film filters deposited directly on top of the Si wafers.

The data files for each expected sensitivity plot can be obtained by clicking on the data file link above each plot. The IDL procedure to read these data files is read_dat.pro

Ti/C coated diode: AXUV100_Ti_C.dat

Ti/Pd coated diode: AXUV100_Ti_Pd.dat

Ti/Zr/Au coated diode: AXUV100_Ti_Zr_Au.dat

Ti/Si/Zr coated diode: AXUV100_Ti_Si_Zr.dat

Al/Sc/C coated diode: AXUV100_Al_Sc_C.dat

Al/Nb/C coated diode: AXUV100_Al_Nb_C.dat

Al/Cr coated diode: AXUV100_Al_Cr.dat

Al/Mn coated diode: AXUV100_Al_Mn.dat

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