Compact Total Irradiance Monitor Flight Demonstration

Next-gen technology for total solar irradiance monitoring

The Compact Total Irradiance Monitor-Flight Demonstration will help researchers develop new technologies for measuring Total Solar Irradiance (TSI), a “Most Important” measurement in the latest Earth Science Decadal Survey. This eight-channel, 6U CubeSat will spend one year in orbit to see if small satellites can be as effective at measuring TSI as larger sensors like the Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM) instrument used aboard the SORCE and TSIS-1 missions.

Mission Class:


Mission Status:


LASP Roles:

Research, Data, Mission Operations, Engineering, Lead Institute

Science Target:


Mission Focus:

Climate, Solar Irradiance, Solar Physics

Primary Mission Site:

LASP Mission Site:

Launch Date: July 2, 2022
Prime Mission: 1 year

Lead Institution: LASP

Partners: NASA Earth Science Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Virgin Orbit