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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Presentations and Papers

If you have difficulties accessing any of these papers please let Fran know. And send along your suggestions.

Science paper March 2016:  Pluto’s interaction with its space environment: Solar wind, energetic particles, and dust, F. Bagenal, M. Horányi, D. J. McComas, R. L. McNutt Jr., H. A. Elliott, M. E. Hill, L. E. Brown, P. A. Delamere, P. Kollmann, S. M. Krimigis, M. Kusterer, C. M. Lisse, D. G. Mitchell, M. Piquette, A. R. Poppe, D. F. Strobel, J. R. Szalay, P. Valek, J. Vandegriff, S. Weidner, E. J. Zirnstein, S. A. Stern, K. Ennico, C. B. Olkin, H. A. Weaver, L. A. Young, New Horizons Science Team.  Abstract: here  Reprint: here   Full Text: here

Presentations on the Solar Wind Interaction with Pluto

  • Fran Bagenal’s Fall 2014 AGU talk Bagenal-AGU14
  • Peter Delamere’s SW-Pluto Workshop  talk  Delamere
  • Tom Craven’s SW-Pluto Workshop talk  Cravens
  • Bagenal et al. 1997 Pluto book chapter Bagenal1997

References on Solar Wind Interaction with Comets

References on the Solar Wind Interaction with Pluto

New Horizons Instrument papers