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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Original Torus Analysis

Voyager PLS InstrumentPLS Data in the Io Plasma Torus at Jupiter

Instrument Measurements – Flux of electrons (D-sensor), and ions (A-, B-, C-, and D-sensors) between 10 eV – 6 keV

For more information on the Voyager PLS instrument view, The Plasma Experiment on the 1977 Voyager Mission by H.S. Bridge, PI of PLS.

Jupiter PLS data obtained in the Io plasma torus, originally published in the 1980s, have been digitized from the papers and tabulated below.

Ions – The plots below are of ions from Bagenal (1994).  Electrons from Sittler are farther down….

Text File of the dataset
Temperature Density
Temperature1 Density1
Temperature2 Density2

Electrons – Ed Sittler (GSFC) produced a report on his analysis of electrons from Voyager 1 on Day Of Year 64, 1979 – as published in Sittler & Strobel (1987). This report is dated 1983.

Report Part 1 – Sittler-Memo1

Report Part 2 – Sittler-Memo2sm

Fits to spectra without ion feedthrough – SittlerFitsNoFeedthrough

Fits to spectra with ion feedthrough – SittlerFitsFeedthroughSm